The mission of the 12-Step Institute is to research and develop for distribution, common sense solutions to empower individuals to lead a rich and rewarding life, free from addictions and compulsions, no matter what the source.

Our vision is to help eliminate the stigma and enhance the efficacy of 12-step principles by developing community partnerships that will produce well-rounded approaches toward living healthy and fulfilling lives.

Welcome to our new site that is currently under construction. Under development is a new social media app called, Zonr which delivers, short, inspirational messages drawn from the world’s greatest spiritual traditions both old and new;  in order to demonstrate the universal truths found within.  Currently we have over 520+ members and growing each and every day.  To learn more, join the Zonr Pod experience.

As a member you’ll also receive notices of spiritually rewarding local events such as our Saturday Matinees, as well as, exciting developments with the meditation garden and 12-step Institute home base at the Pasadena Empowerment Campus.

Although, we’ve been sending out our Stress Free Zone daily emails since 2008 its not until 2011 that we have become a bona fide 501(c)3 under our parent organization, Universal Stress Free Zones.  Which is why we greatly welcome your input and contributions.

So why not DONATE and/or VOLUNTEER today to help us grow?    And help keep the USFZ emails FREE for all who count on receiving them each and every day!



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